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This is not an information briefing, it’s a plan of action. There is a Deep State, and this is the citizen plan of action for what they can do in their immediate neighborhood, the ground upon which they live. That plan involves activating and equipping all citizens with the knowledge of how to represent themselves locally to make a national difference.
In a raw, personal and bold account, Colonel Retired John Mills will show us how he, like Whitaker Chambers, played a part in both allowing the Deep State to get a foothold in the federal government and then taking action against it. No action is action. What is needed is action, directed at the right, precise topics, at the levels we know best.

From the Desk of Col. Ret. John Mills

Dear Patriots and Concerned Citizens,

Have you felt like our country is heading in a bad direction?

Do you feel like there was once a time when you felt like your vote and interests mattered?

Like your children were safe at school?

Like your country was being run by public servants with your best interest in mind?

Freedom of bodily autonomy?

My name is Colonel Ret. John Mills, and I’ve spent most of the past four decades in service to our great nation…

… but today, I’m both scared, yet emboldened for action to secure our future.

When you see the vile, criminal things I’ve seen… which I’ll detail in this book… you struggle to sleep at night.

But as a husband, father, and patriot; I won’t stand quietly…

The good news is this: we CAN win this war.

But we aren’t going to win without an action plan.

In the military, there are often two types of briefings. The Action Briefing and the Information Briefing.

The Information Briefing helps us understand a situation. But the Action Briefing helps us move forward.

The Nation Will Follow is your Action Briefing: it’s your blueprint for defeating the Deep State.

What is the Deep State, you ask?
There are many terms that are all relevant to describe this malignant force.

Other relevant terms are Fourth Branch of Government, Administrative State, Globalists, Nanny Staters, Elite, etc.

This is not simplistic name calling. There is a clear movement of people and groups that seek to subjugate Citizens in America and around the world, because they know better, and the Citizen is stupid.

I have heard various examples of this expression and feeling before in meetings in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building (EEOB) next to the White House. 

Simply put, there are those who feel that Citizens are too stupid to understand the brilliant things that are being done for them.

In the revolutionary war, 3% of the population fought for independence.
10% of the population supported those 3% of fighters.

And 85+% of people are too far below the level of consciousness to care or understand their mission.

You’re still reading because YOU are either a fighter or a supporter.
Either way, there’s a job to do and you’ve been born for this moment in history.

Stand with me and millions of other patriots to take back our counties…Secure your County

… and The Nation Will Follow.

Colonel Ret. John Mills

Patriot, if we’re going to take back our Nation, we need you. There is no cavalry coming to the rescue, it’s just us. And we’re the majority, let’s start acting like it.


And you will get access to an exclusive interview video with Jovan Pulitzer.

The content of this video is just as controversial (if not more) than The Nation Will Follow.

The sure won't let us keep this online for long!

What will you get in this book?

  • 7 Power Groups that run your county or city and are the foundation of government and voting for all of America.
  • ​Your action plan to learn, study and be a decisive influence on these groups.
  • ​A peek at just a few of the shocking elements shared by Colonel (Retired) John Mills with the Special Prosecutor John Durham exposing the Deep State.
  • ​Encounter on the “A” Ring—I run into a former Bush Appointee on the “A” ring in July 2016 and ask him, You’re going to support Trump in the Convention, right? His response: “No, we see more opportunities with her” Immediately I knew, there was a Swamp, there was a deep state, there was a uni-party. What are these organizations and how do they exert control? They are the 4th and 5th Branches of Government?
  • ​“We need your help in finalizing the Trump Russia Story.”— I was called on the Top Secret Phone a few days after the 2016 election and told it was urgent I help the forming inter-agency body to finalize the Russia story and possibly delay Trump’s inauguration
  • ​What does the citizen do to help fight the deep state?— Secure their county and the country will follow. Dominate the registrar, the election board, the county council, the school board, the sheriff, the judges, and the prosecutor.
  • Courageous Action Stories from the Front Line— Big Media may be ignoring the fight, but the battle is increasing in fierceness and velocity by a growing number of Patriots. Multiple vignettes are given to highlight these stories of steel resolve, unflinching heroism, and unstoppable perseverance.


John Mills is a Veteran and a Patriot

"His life of public service demonstrates his love for America and our way of life. This book presents a first-hand account of his efforts to counter the Deep State and a plan of action for "regular citizens" to re-take control of School Boards, City Councils, and Election Boards."
Paul Lawrence, Ph.D.

America is today in a crisis

"It is born of a Deep State that no longer believes in the goodness of America and wishes to remake it in ways antithetical to our Founding and common sense. John Mills offers in The Nation Will Follow a brilliant analysis of what is happening and how we can get of this crisis. It is mission critical to read and take seriously now."
Brian T. Kennedy, President, The American Strategy Group, Chairman of the Committee on the Present Danger: China

Promo 1: Interview with Jovan Pulitzer

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Promo 2: Interview with Jovan Pulitzer

Promo 3: Interview with Jovan Pulitzer

Good day! I'm Col. (Ret) John Mills

Colonel Mills: Colonel (Ret.) John Mills is a national security professional with service in five eras: Cold War, Peace Dividend, War on Terror, World in Chaos, and now—Great Power Showdown and the fight to save our Republic.
He is the former Director of Cybersecurity Policy, Strategy, and International Affairs at the Department of Defense. John is a Senior Fellow at the Center for Security Policy.


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